Spirit, teamwork and a positive approach equals a miraculous comeback Chaminade 36, Notre Dame 32

We had a 21-3 lead at halftime. Everything seemed perfect. However, the second half started off with three penalties on our first four plays. We didn’t score a point in the third quarter. We missed tackles, had a punt mishap, missed passes, missed blocks, and gave up 29 unanswered points. With slightly less than 4 minutes left we were down by 11 points and seemingly out of the game. This is when being a Chaminade student makes a difference. I have been pleasantly surprised, but not shocked, that the player interviews/profiles over the last several weeks have disclosed a uniformly strong bond and sense of brotherhood among the players. Whether a star, a starter, a backup or a practice player, the student players all feel a sense of togetherness and belonging generally not present in any group of teenagers from disparate backgrounds, racial groups, and even religions.

When the chips were down, the attitude on the sideline was devoid of blame, finger-pointing and despair. Instead, there was a unity of purpose and an indomitable determination that every man would do their best and give their all to come back and prevail. The attitude was “we can do this.” There was no quitting and everyone focused on the remaining mission.

The fact that the Eagles mounted a miraculous comeback with a fourth down lifesaving run by Logan Scott and an onside kick recovery accomplished when everyone knew that was the Eagle’s only chance is not what this writer finds incredible. Rather, it is the vivid realization that the spirit, teamwork and positive approach to challenges and tasks demonstrated by the football team are the same lessons we learn in all Chaminade classes, be it religion, art, science or math. The Chaminade approach is positive, enthusiastic, collaborative, demanding, ethical and spirited. I thank the football team for reminding all of us the way to approach challenges and represent the values of our school.

Nicolette Cohen ’12 is the Founder and Editor In Chief of http://www.chaminadefootball.org/

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