Advanced Film classes visited Mole-Richardson in Hollywood

By Karen Thumm

Students currently enrolled in Film II, III, IV, and V had the opportunity to learn from industry icon Larry Parker about how to “paint with light.” The focus of their three hour class and facility tour was on the different types of lights used, rigging of lights, and practical examples of how light makes mood.

The students were guests of Chaminade parent Chuck Valdez, whose son Michael ’14 is a current Film II student. “Everyone at Mole believes that these kids are the future of the Entertainment Industry,” said Valdez after Chaminade’s visit, “we want to do everything we can, to give back to our industry.”

Mole-Richardson Co., which has been in business for 85 years, started when the studio system was just starting to take hold in Hollywood. Mole-Richardson can be counted as one of several ancillary businesses that grew simultaneously with the studios of early cinema including Panavision (cameras), Technicolor (film processing) and Kodak (film).

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