Calvin Terrell Returns for Diversity Week

By Manav Kapoor ’13

Chaminade students and faculty have the privilege of working once again with Calvin Terrell, an outstanding individual who brings social awareness to thousands of people yearly. Two years ago, Calvin Terrell came to Chaminade and changed the lives of hundreds of juniors and seniors, leading a retreat that was truly an eye opener. Fortunately, this upcoming Monday, Calvin will return and kick off Diversity week with an opening assembly inviting students to consider prevalent social issues in today’s world from racial discrimination to abuse. For the rest of the week, students will be able to learn what it means to be “warriors in faith and action.”  By powerful activities and retreat discussions, students will be inspired to connect with others and change their lives for the better. It is because of powerful speakers like Calvin that Chaminade maintains such a strong family spirit. For busy Chaminade students, Diversity Week should be a nice break that will allow students to develop new friendships within the Chaminade community.

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