Middle School Robotics Wins VEX Tournament


Just before the Thanksgiving break, on Saturday, November 23, Chaminade’s middle school Eagle Engineers, Team 83, were named Tournament Champions at the Granada Hills Charter High School VEX Toss Up Competition.

Team 83 faced a field of more than 30 high schools and five middle schools, and the second ranked El Camino Real High School alliance picked them as partners. Together, they swept through the quarterfinal and semifinal matches and won 2-1 against the top-ranked alliance from James Monroe and El Camino Real High Schools. This win automatically qualifies Team 83 for the California Vex Robotics Competition State Championships to be held in Santa Clara, March 14-16, 2014.

Team 83 also walked away with the Judges Award. This award is given to the team that the judges feel deserve special recognition not only for their performance during the event, but for their accomplishments and endeavors through the season.

In general, middle school teams rarely win high school tournaments, and this historic victory marks the first time Team 83 has won such a competitive championship.

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