Chaminade Film Festival

By Karen Thumm

FIlm Festival _IMG_9993The annual Chaminade Film Festival provided Chaminade’s talented young filmmakers with a much deserved audience. Twenty-eight finalists were screened in the Tutor Family Center for the Performing Arts on Saturday, February 22.

All of the films demonstrated emerging talent and the festival itself was a testament to the students’ diligence and determination, evidence of their shared passion for filmmaking and a sense of true Chaminade family spirit.

Students were celebrated throughout the evening with awards for the best film in each category, and the awards ceremony after the screenings recognized outstanding achievements in every step of filmmaking, from screenwriting to editing. In this way, the screenings were as much a celebration of the finished films as they were of the creative process.

Best Narrative
Griffin Davies ’15 for “Unscripted”

Best Narrative without Dialogue
Sarah Brecher ’17, Jenna Perry ’17, and Ava Swanstrom ’17 for “Found”

Best Documentary
Andy Slavin ’16 for “Geocaching”

Best Experimental
Griffin Davies ’15 for “Who Is”

Best Promotional Short
Rachel Scalera ’15 for “Club Nade: In Color”

Best Chaminade Middle School Film
Steven Weese ’18 for “Avatar 7”

Outstanding Achievement: Original Concept
Dylan Lusetich ’17 for “Descent”

Outstanding Achievement: Screenplay
Austin Porter ’15 and Isabelle Huang ’16 for “One Day More”

Outstanding Achievement:Storytelling
Max Cathcart ’14 and Frank Horne ’14 “The Last Tea Party”

Outstanding Achievement: Cinematography
Breeana Kovelman ’14 for “My Life”
Trevor Berger ’14 for “Fulfillment”
Jake Thornhill ’15 for “The Rat Trap”

Outanding Achievement in Comedy
Nick Brosamle ’16 and Cole Zetz ’16 for “Rat Trap”

Best Actress
Hayley Bricker ’14 in “Capture This” by Breeana Kovelman ’14

Best Actor
Matthew Shane in “The Lockdown” by Jake Thornhill ’15

Outstanding Achievement:  Production Design
Breeana Kovelman ’14 for “Capture This”
Natalie Rowland ’17 for “New Soul”

Outstanding Achievement:  Editing
Cassie Tran ’16 for “Hop On and Help Out”

Outstanding Achievement:  Directing
Liz Holland ’14 for “Blind”

Chaminade Filmmaker
Outstanding Achievement in all areas of Filmmaking
Griffin Davies ’15

Official Audience Selection
Cameron Neimand ’14 for “Don’t Worry About Getting Older”

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