West Hills Campus Hosts 3rd Annual Career Night

For Chaminade students, their high school education is not just about going to college. It is also about exploring career opportunities. To help guide students on this journey, the school hosted its annual Career Night on September 16.

While some students know exactly what they want to do, others like junior Noelle Johnson, are open to possibilities. She reflected, “I came because there are so many different options for students in the world today, so many different jobs that are available, and I felt Career Night would help me to narrow down options and find a job that I’m really interested in and could pursue in college.”

Planned by Bro. Jack Dempsey, Career Night featured something for everyone. From an environmental engineer to a financier to a dentist, students could choose from an array of career representatives. He is grateful to the more than 50 alumni, parents and teachers who volunteered to talk to Chaminade students about their fields.

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