Film Class Visits Universal Studios

By Karen Ann Thumm, Film Program Director

The advanced film classes visited Universal Studios on Monday, November 3, for a behind the scenes tour of real movie magic. Students had a private VIP trolley car take them around the backlot, and a tour guide to walk them through sound stages and exterior locations. “It was amazing,” said film student Vinnie Bredice `16, about the tour, “to see the props and other things not everyone gets to see.”

Students had the opportunity to explore a working sound stage for the television show Parenthood, to visit the post production sound facility, to wander through the three story prop warehouse, and to walk a variety of locations on the backlot. “It gave us a hands on experience for something we are learning in a classroom,” said Nick Brosamle `16.

Students also enjoyed the standard elements of the Universal Studios Backlot Tour experience – a ride by the Psycho house, a trip to Amity Island to meet the shark from Jaws, and the King Kong 3D immersive experience. Universal Studios is the oldest production facility in California and its 102 years of continuously producing films made for an experience rich with cinema history.

The nineteen students who attended the field trip are current juniors and seniors enrolled in Film III, IV, and V. You can see some of their work on the Chaminade Film YouTube channel:

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