Fencing Teams are Back-to-Back State Champions

Chaminade Fencing competed in the State Championships at Victor Valley High School and came away with impressive victories.

With a total of 142 points, they are now the back-to-back men’s and women’s combined overall state champions! In addition, their results include:

  • Men’s Foil Team – 1st
  • Men’s Epee Team – 1st
  • Men’s Saber Team – 1st
  • Women’s Foil Team – 1st
  • Women’s Epee team – 4th
  • Women’s Saber Team – 2nd
  • Men’s Combined Team – State Champs
  • Women’s Combined Team – 2nd

Congratulations to Chaminade Fencing and their coach, Derek Snyder ’01!

1 thought on “Fencing Teams are Back-to-Back State Champions

  1. Derek
    I have have fencing (foil) equipment I would to sell if your interested. 9 jackets 8 masks 16 foils 5 extra blades 16 gloves 7 grips 19 pommels 2 plasterons 6 breast cups -7 bell guards $280-
    Marlene 818 618-1879

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