Campus Closures

Two emails were sent to parents this morning regarding closures at both the middle school and high school campuses of Chaminade College Preparatory. Please read both messages below. For information on the bus schedules for Tuesday, December 15, please click here.

Middle School 

Dear Parents,

This morning we learned through the news that the Los Angeles Unified School District was closing all their schools today due to a credible threat.  Since that time we have been in contact with local police and have spoken to several of our neighboring private schools. Although there was no specific threat to Chaminade, we have made the decision to close our middle school campus effective immediately (9:00 am).  A separate notification from our West Hills campus will be issued explaining how they will be handling the situation

Parents are asked to come to campus as soon as possible and go directly to the health office in the 200 building.  There you will be directed to your child’s x block room to pick them up.  You will only be able to pick up those students listed on your emergency forms.  Please be assured that your child will be safe and supervised on campus until we are able to reunite them with you.

Again, although we felt that our students were in no imminent danger, we chose to err on the side of caution in this matter.  We deeply appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Robert Webb

Mike Valentine
Middle School Principal


High School

Dear Parents,

The High School campus is open today until noon, as previously scheduled.  There has been no specific threat to the high school campus, however, we are proceeding with caution and will close the campus at NOON today, and the school will be locked by 1pm.  ANY and ALL activities that were scheduled for today after class have been cancelled. Please note that any final that was scheduled for this afternoon will be rescheduled.

We have extra security guards on campus today.  If you feel the need to pick up your child before noon, you may do so by coming to or leaving a message at the Attendance Office at (818) 347-0391.  Your child will be safe and supervised until you pick them up.   The 12:30pm bus scheduled for today will be the ONLY bus to leave from campus.

If you have a middle school child there is a separate communication from Mr. Valentine.

Your child’s safety remains our priority.

Robert Webb

Dr. Cynthia Colón
High School Principal

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