100 Days ’til Graduation

By Elizabeth Gluvna ’04

During second lunch on Thursday, February 18, seniors celebrated their impending alumni status at the “100 Days ’til Graduation” party in the Bob Hope Student Center. This annual event, hosted by Chaminade’s Alumni Office, invited the 247 seniors who contributed $20.16 to the senior class gift fund to feast with friends, win exciting prizes, and – the highlight – paint individuals tiles that will be installed on campus before graduation.

Each year a dedicated committee of seniors meets to implement a philanthropic campaign encouraging their classmates to contribute toward a gift to Chaminade. Previous gifts to the school include the eagle statue near the Main Office, the fountain and marquis in front of the Bob Hope Center, and the Tutor Center patio tables. This year’s committee, which has met each month since October, was chaired by Isabel Bowman ’16 and Owen McEvoy ’16. In several weeks, the committee and their classmates who contributed to the fund will determine their gift to Chaminade.

Since 2012, seniors who contribute to the senior class gift fund are also invited to the “100 Days” party to paint tiles that go on campus in the weeks before graduation. This tradition allows students to creatively leave a legacy through a gift to their school. Many students came to the party with an artistic plan and used drawings to map out their designs. Look for these colorful tiles when you are on campus toward the end of May!

The Alumni Office thanks the Class of 2016 for their generosity and encourages them to continue giving back to Chaminade after they graduate.

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