Chaminade Film Festival 2016

By Karen Ann Thumm, Film Program Director

The Chaminade Film Festival celebrated the best work of Chaminade’s talented filmmakers on Saturday, February 20. At the opening of the evening, Film Club President, Nick Brosamle ’16 welcomed the audience with the following:

“Good evening. Thank you for coming to Chaminade’s Annual Film Festival. This is my fourth and final Film Festival, and it has really been a special experience to see our Film Program grow over the past years. As you will see tonight, the films that our program produces at all levels are truly fantastic. I believe that this festival gives us a unique opportunity that can rarely be found anywhere else. Personally, it has given me the confidence to showcase my filmmaking ability to my peers.

I remember when I was an 8th grader visiting Chaminade for the first time. I enjoyed my tour, but nothing had quite hooked me on the school – that is, until I visited the film room. Multiple students were editing various movies and a student made film was playing on Ms. Thumm’s TV as she gave us details about Chaminade’s film classes. Everything about it was very professional and creative, and I immediately felt at home. Since that day I have developed as a filmmaker in ways I could never have at any other school, as the program has challenged me to explore all aspects of filmmaking. Nothing more exemplifies the strength of the Chaminade film program than this festival, which gives all of us the chance to share our love for the movies.”

Twenty-eight finalists were selected from a record number of entries and showcased on the big screen in the Tutor Family Center for the Performing Arts. Most of these films were produced by film students while enrolled in film classes. Each year, more than 500 film projects are created by students in all levels of film here at Chaminade. The festival is only a sampling of the best work the students have created during the previous 12 months, the films they feel most proud of producing.

If you missed the festival – or if you simply want to see one of the films again – all of the winning films and finalists have been posted to the Chaminade Film YouTube Channel.

The evening concluded with an award ceremony to recognize the best film in each category and also the outstanding achievements in every part of the filmmaking process.

Best Documentary
“Just a Cop”
created by Alek Solter

Best Drama
“The Dilemma”
Written and directed by Zach Swauger with Cooper North, Brendan Barlow, Alek Solter and Cameron Ring

Best Comedy
“Nade Wars”
Produced by the Advanced Film Workshop students Brandon Marsh, Sophia Khan, Mark Alcasid, Nick Brosamle, Dante Kargodorian, Thomas Price, Cole Hanson, and Griffin Freitas

Best Visual Poem
“Open Sesame”
Created by Thomas Price

Best Short Short
“My Girl”
Created by Nick Brosamle

Official Audience Selection
“My Girl”
Created by Nick Brosamle

Outstanding Achievement Awards:

Outstanding Achievement: Original Concept
Cole Hanson for “Locked In”

Outstanding Achievement: Story
Kelsey Molle for “Love In Death”

Outstanding Achievement: Story
Claire Rider, Isabelle Huang, and Rebecca Steinberg for “Strictly Dance”

Outstanding Achievement: Cinematography
Noah Hosaka for “FRC Robotics”

Outstanding Achievement: Cinematography
Ali Watson for “Self Portrait”

Outstanding Achievement: Cinematography
Tom Deily for “547”

Outstanding Achievement: Sound and music editing
Brendan Barlow for “It Beats Workin'”

Outstanding Achievement: Acting – Comedy
Cooper North in “Slap Tag”

Outstanding Achievement: Acting – Drama
Lindsey Hebert in “Hurt”

Outstanding Achievement: Production Design
“Uno” created by Zach Swauger, Steve Restivo, Tony Restivo, Dante Kargodorian

Outstanding Achievement: Production Design
“The Fantastic Proposal” created by Ryan Town

Outstanding Achievement: Editing
Isabelle Bryan for “An Introspective Mind”

Outstanding Achievement: Editing
Cameron Ring for “Slap Tag”

Outstanding Achievement: Directing
Bryce Hurless for “547”

Chaminade Filmmaker 2016
Alek Solter

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