It’s Time to Play Gift Card Bingo

Gift Card BingoGift Card Bingo is back at Chaminade’s middle school, and it’s spelled N-A-D-E! Bingo cards were distributed on January 10, and the game runs until Friday, January 19. All proceeds benefit Chaminade College Preparatory. Gift cards donated and cash contributions will be used to raise money for Chaminade Gala’s online and live auctions.

To play, middle school students should bring in gift cards valued at a minimum of $5 each, per NADE square. Cards will be collected at the Student Center during lunch on January 16-19 and X-Block on January 18; cards can be downloaded online.

There are three ways to play to win:

  1. PLAY: Complete a row, column or diagonal to spell N-A-D-E for Bingo
    WIN: A day of free dress on February 8 and one raffle ticket (for prizes*)
  2. PLAY: Donate $50 in the form of cash, check or gift card(s)
    WIN: One week free dress, February 5-9, and one raffle ticket (for prizes*)
  3. PLAY: Fill all spaces on a N-A-D-E (Bingo) card
    WIN: One week of free dress, February 5-9, and two raffle tickets (for prizes*)

Prizes include:

  • Front of the line lunch pass for the remainder of the 2017-18 school year
  • Principal for a Day
  • Tickets to Chaminade Laser Tag for you and a friend
  • Complimentary tickets to either the Father/Daughter Dance
    or Mother-Son Game Night
  • Camera, headphones, Razor and more

Earn House Participation Points:

  • Houses with a total of 25% participation receive 50 points
  • Houses with 50% participation receive 100 points
  • Houses with 75% participation receive 150 points
  • Houses with 100% participation will receive 200 points

The X-Block with the highest dollar amount collected will win an In-N-Out
Burger lunch on February 8, 2018.

*Grand prize winners will be announced at the middle school assembly on January 22.

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