Jordan Axani, Mental Wellness and Leadership Expert, comes to Chaminade

jordan_axani-may2015-2On April 8, 2019, The Chaminade Wellness Program welcomes Jordan Axani, mental wellness, and leadership expert, to speak to parents, students, and teachers. Jordan Axani has a long track-record of bold acts that move and inspire people, and he uses that entrepreneurial and creative spark to attack the biggest problems facing our mental wellness. Audiences will walk away knowing how to have simple, relatable, and actionable conversations on mental wellness and nurture relationships that encourage connection, trust, and teamwork.

Jordan Axani is one of several speakers the Chaminade Wellness Program plans to host this year. In September, motivational speaker Joe Beckman visited the Chatsworth campus. Through humor, and music Beckman shared personal anecdotes that stressed the importance of human connection and encouraged students to become “Difference Makers.” Beckman returns Monday, March 4, to speak to middle school parents on “Positivity Matters.”

These events are made possible by fundraising efforts of the Chaminade Gala Benefit and Auction. During the Fund-A-Need portion of the 2018 Gala, Chaminade parents, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends were asked to invest in the newly created Wellness Program. Together they raised more than $111,000 to jump-start the program and give Chaminade the tools needed to expand the school’s vision to develop resilient young men and women who are adaptable self-advocates and can successfully balance school life.

Chaminade’s Wellness program will address topics such as alcohol and substance abuse prevention, sexual abuse and rape prevention, and anxiety and depression, as well as offer faculty additional in-service and professional development opportunities. As stated in Chaminade’s strategic plan, it is a priority of the school to help students achieve school/life balance, manage stress and prepare students for success. Integrating the wellness program into the curriculum through religion and health class, guest speakers and the creation of on-campus activities such as of “Mind/Body/Spirit” events, Wellness Wednesdays and Mental Health Awareness week, students, teachers and even parents will have the knowledge and resources needed to physically, emotionally and socially balance school life.