Girls Varsity Soccer Wins CIF Championship

by Abigail Handel ’22, Morgan Walker ’21, Bianca Baguio ’21, Lila Manning ’21
Student Council Public Relations Commissioners

On February 28, 2020, Chaminade’s girls’ soccer team played South Torrence in the CIF Championship. After a long eighty minutes of hard work and passion, Chaminade beat South Torrence 2-1. A championship like this has not occurred for girls’ soccer since 2013. Junior defenders Lilly Pennington and Faith Tillman were responsible for the two goals scored in the first half of the game. Both goals were beautifully netted off corner kicks. Chaminade has played 27 matches this season and has only given up 17 goals. The girl’s team lives by the motto, “defense wins championships.” This is very evident in Chaminade’s defensive backline, where the two center backs have been practically unbeatable. Lilly Pennington, the eleventh-grade captain, and sophomore Sophie Beck are both talented center backs who created immense frustration for other teams. Mike Evans, coach of the girls’ soccer team, stated, “This team is made up of a perfect mix of ingredients that form the perfect recipe.” Chaminade has scored an incredible 75 goals this season with underclassman Abbey Handel and Marissa Hollert scoring most. Sophomore striker, Abbey Handel, and freshman striker, Marissa Hollert, have scored a collective number of 28 goals together. This team has grown tremendously close over the course of the last few months. Junior Emily Barkes perfectly summed up the team’s relationship by saying, “We went from not really knowing each other to being an inseparable family. We are sisters on and off the field, and I know every single girl on this team has my back.” Chaminade girls soccer will hopefully continue to the state championship. Go Eagles!