Marianists Visit from Rome

Left to right: Fr. André Joseph Fétis, S.M., Jackson Shubb ’24, Aleen Koujakian ’24, and Bro. Mike McAward, S.M.

On February 16 and 17, Fr. André Joseph Fétis, S.M., and Bro. Mike McAward, S.M., general administration of the Society of Mary in Rome, visited our middle and high school campuses. They met with students from our various leadership groups, took campus tours, and had the opportunity to experience our middle school Justice Fair and celebrate 100 days to graduation with our seniors.

Fr. André Joseph Fétis, S.M. is Blessed William Joseph Chaminade’s current successor, making him the fifteenth Superior General of the Society of MaryHe governs the Society of Mary worldwide. Fr. André is a classically trained musician and singer. He not only shares his birth country of France with Blessed Chaminade, but they were both born in Périgueux in Southwest France.

Bro. Mike McAward, S.M. serves as the General Assistant for Temporalities. He is responsible for the financial supervision of the several hundred “Marianist works” worldwide, including schools, retreat houses, parishes, and publishing houses. Bro. McAward attended Chaminade High School, Mineola, on Long Island. He also previously served as its principal.