Chris Bullard ’05: Using Music to Break the Stigma Around Mental Health

The United Nations annually observes World Mental Health Day on October 10. Today, we highlight alumnus Chris Bullard ’05, executive director and founder of Sound Mind, which brings together musicians, music lovers, and forward-thinking organizations to build community and open dialogue around mental health, leveraging the power of music to catalyze social change. 

Chris began touring as an artist with acts such as Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson. It was during this time that he struggled with his mental health. Chris’s research has revealed that over 70% of musicians are living with symptoms of anxiety or depression. His vision is to bring together other artists struggling with mental health to elevate the conversation and build a community and culture that breaks today’s stigma around Mental Health.

Sound Mind offers podcasts, resources, video series, digital and social media, live concerts, sound sanctuaries, and an annual music festival in New York. Chris has developed an Artist Ambassador program that works with more than 80 artists and bands to help them elevate their voices on mental health and a Road to Recovery program that partners with groups on tour and mental health organizations to provide support and resources to fans nationwide.  

Chris says he is excited to reconnect with his roots at Chaminade and spread the word about Sound Music to the Eagle alumni community. Check out more at