Eagle Engineering’s Global Arm

No stranger to helping students in other countries begin robotics team, Chaminade’s Eagle Engineering has done it again. Having already worked with teams in England, New Zealand, and Japan, Eagle Engineering most recently lent a hand to two schools in Micronesia, Yap SDA and Yap Catholic.

Their work began in 2008 when Chaminade’s robotics team sent textbooks to Micronesia so resources for two new high schools could be built. Eagle Engineering also created instructional videos, which cover robotics basics, programming, etc. for the Micronesian students. In addition, the team sent two VEX Robotics Starter Kits, a VEX game playing field, and game elements. Eagle Engineering’s work with Yap SDA and Yap Catholic are featured in the May/June issue Robot Magazine.

Moderated by Robotics Program Director, Nancy McIntyre, Eagle Engineering is comprised of both VEX and FRC teams at the Middle and High School campuses. In 2010-2011, the VEX team won three Driver Skills Awards, two Excellence awards, an Engineering Excellence Award, and were tournament champions; and the FRC team won the Los Angeles Chairman’s Award.

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