Class of 2012: True to Their School

An important part of graduating from Chaminade College Preparatory is finding a lasting way for your class to leave its mark. The Class of 2012 has found theirs, and it is through a gift to their school. Since late January, a committee of seniors has worked with Alumni Manager, Peggy Smith and Students Activities Director, Julie LaBelle, to raise money among their classmates so they can later vote on a gift to Chaminade.

The 21 committee members have made presentations to their classsmates and worked through their lunch breaks to encourage the Class of 2012 to do one thing – participate. Their goal has never been about an amount of money, but coming together as a class and contributing to their school. Of course, the suggested gift was $20.12 (class pride always rules), but if you can only contribute the change from your pocket, you still count.

As of March 12, the Class of 2012 proudly boasts a 61% participation rate, but they want 100% so the hard work continues.

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