Chaminade Competes in 5th Annual VEX Robotics World Championship

By Nancy McIntyre

For three days members of both the High School and Middle School Eagle Engineering program competed at the 5th Annual VEX Robotics World Championship, which this year was held at the Anaheim Convention Center. The competition brought together the top 600 VEX teams from around the world in three divisions of middle, high school and college. The high school team made it to the semi-final, and was interviewed by KTLA for the afternoon news.  In addition, a production crew from Autodesk, an event sponsor, followed the team because of their outstanding work in Inventor, a CAD program which allows the team to do their design work on computers. Watch KTLA interview

On Friday, April 20 the team was invited to a presentation given by Douglass Osheroff, a Nobel Prize winning professor at Stanford. They even had time to get a photo with him!

The teams have already learned the new challenge for next year and started sketching and designing on their way to dinner following the end of the event. It looks like there will be a great deal of work going on over the summer so the team is ready for competition next fall.

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