Chaminade Participates in MyVote California Student Election

With one-week to go before California’s November 6 Presidential General Election, students across California participated in the MyVote California Student Election on Tuesday, October 30 – including those at Chaminade’s West Hills campus.

Organized by students in the Chaminade Political Union Club, the mock election was held during both lunch periods and was open to all 9th through 12th grade students. Students showed their I.D. to pick-up a ballot and cast their votes for President, California State Senator, and Propositions 30 to 40. Votes were counted by club members and submitted online. Chaminade’s results will be released on November 1, and statewide results will be released on the Secretary of State website. More than 1,300 schools across California participated in the mock election.

This year marks the first time Chaminade has participated in the MyVote mock election. Club President, Kevin Chapman ’13 hopes voter turnout at Chaminade at least matches the state average for other schools participating in mock elections. He feels like this was an important thing to offer the student body because the best way to be involved in government as a citizen is to vote…and the discussions that are going on are informing students of politics and the political process.”

The club’s work does not end after the October 30 mock election. They are also forming non-partisan, mock parties; will hold Oxford-style debates; and hopefully hold a mock election involving their mock parties. While they do not have plans for activities on November 6, club members plan to encourage their classmates who are of voting age to get out and vote.

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