Principal for a Day

By Justin B. Vines

Being the principal of the day was not only exciting, but it was very interesting as well. As principal of the day you get to see what real principals actually do, like go to meetings, watch classes, look for uniform violations, and more. I learned a lot of things that I probably would have never understood, like how to use the P.A. (public address) system. I even met with Mr. Adams, the president; we signed a contract together and had a soda. It was truly amazing. Most of my friends asked why I choose principal for a day as my prize over the $200 Visa card. I said that I wanted the experience of being the principal and the opportunity to interact with the front office and Mr. Valentine himself.  Not only that but all of my teachers, friends, and almost the entire rest of the school called me Mr. Vines.  It was a privilege and a memorable time for me, and I hope to win it again next year.

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