WEB and Link Leaders Help New Students Feel Welcomed

On Wednesday August 14, Chaminade’s West Hills and Chatsworth campuses welcomed 266 new middle school students, 200 new high school students, and 1545 returning students. Transitioning to a new school can be an intimidating experience, but at Chaminade, peer mentoring programs like Welcome Everybody (WEB) and Link help make that transition an enjoyable experience.  A couple of days before school began Chaminade held a new student orientation. New middle students were greeted by their WEB leaders, and new high school students were greeted by their Link leaders. Taking new students on campus tours, helping them navigate their new laptops, and answering questions about life on campus are just some of the ways WEB and Link leaders help out. They are essential in assisting with orientation, planning activities for new students throughout the year, and helping new students get to know each other and make new friends.

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