Science Takes Chaminade Junior to Washington, D.C.

Max Holden ’15 spent part of his summer vacation traveling to Washington, D.C. where he presented the results of his science experiment to a science conference held at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. The experiment, which went to space aboard a SpaceX flight, tested the speed of fermentation in grapes when exposed to microgravity.

This was the experiment’s second trip to space; during its first flight, there were complications which resulted in inconclusive data. Because of these complications, the experiment was permitted to return to space aboard another SpaceX flight. The second time around, the experiment was a success, and Max determined that the fermentation in microgravity increased slightly over three times that of fermentation rate in Earth’s standard gravity.

Max has also sent the results of his experiment to the Student Spaceflight Experiment Program (SSEP), the company responsible for the spaceflight program. He hopes to have the experiment published on the SSEP website, as well as in a scientific journal or magazine.

In addition to his regular Chaminade studies, Max plays football for the Eagles. He also participates in the West Hills Baseball Champions Division, a program which helps children with special needs play baseball. Max is a “buddy” in the program, and works with a child within the program.

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