A Message from the President

James V. Adams

“The very best part of my experience here has been getting to know so many incredible students, parents and alumni.”

Dear Chaminade Family,

On June 30, 2014, I will mark the completion of 18 years serving as your President here at Chaminade. This time has been the happiest period of my professional life and I have truly loved being President of this great institution.

It is in this spirit that I have informed Chaminade’s Board of Directors that this current school term will be my final year serving as President. The Chaminade Board has initiated a nationwide search and a new President will assume his/her position on
July 1, 2014.

My decision comes after much prayer and reflection. So much has happened over the last 18 years since my appointment, and posterity will be the final judge of my performance, but I feel that Chaminade is in an excellent position to navigate this change. Our school has full enrollment, substantial reserves, a growing endowment, an excellent leadership team, and a world class faculty. This year is the first full year of a new strategic five year plan that provides a blueprint for continued excellence in the future. Our facilities are already among the finest in Southern California and our plan includes the future addition of beautiful and functional new buildings to our middle and high school campuses.

Chaminade strives to “Set the Standard” for Catholic education and I believe that we are well on our way to achieving that lofty goal. I am confident that the school is positioned to continue to be the leader in mission driven innovation and has the best educational practices that will help us continue to be the premier educational choice in our region.

My time at Chaminade has been challenging, rewarding and absolutely delightful. The very best part of my experience here has been getting to know so many incredible students, parents and alumni. I have been blessed to work with the finest group of educators anywhere and I am confident they will continue to build upon our successes.

I want to say a few words about the Board of Directors here at Chaminade. During my time here, I have been blessed to work with a very talented and generous group of parents, past parents, alumni, and Marianist priests and brothers who make up our Board. They have provided inspiring leadership to our school and as President I could not have hoped to work with a more dedicated and selfless group of volunteers. Through the years, I have collaborated with nine supremely loyal and gifted Board Chairs who have worked hard to support me and help me grow in my position. I am indebted and deeply grateful to John Simmers, Al Leupp, Phil Mundy, Rick Boehmer, Brad Bowman, Ed Alvarez, Brian McGilvray, Ron Prechtl, and current Board Chairperson, Pamela Meyer. In addition, I have also been blessed to work with more than 75 other Board members and committee chairs who have contributed greatly to our success.

I am not labeling my new status as “retirement” as I have many things that I want to accomplish professionally and personally. The Board of Directors has offered me a position as President Emeritus where I hope to continue to serve the Chaminade community in a supportive role to the next president. I also hope to do a bit of consulting, teaching, and travel as part of my next adventure.

Finally, I will never be able to fully express my appreciation for having been given this unique opportunity. As my last year as President of Chaminade goes in the books, I possess a growing sense that I have been given a gift greater than I can ever repay.

Prayerful Best Wishes,

Jim Adams

2 thoughts on “A Message from the President

  1. Jim Adams, Chaminade has been blessed to have you! Tom has so much respect for you as Principal of St. John Vianney while he was a student there……….all those many years ago. Praying you enjoy your coming retirement in good health!
    Pat Schmidt

  2. All the best for the future Jim wish you good luck and many blessings, you deserve only the best!

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