Chaminade High School Student Council Earns National Recognition

For its exemplary record of leadership, service, and activities that serve to improve the school and community, the Chaminade’s high school student council has been recognized as a 2020 National Gold Council of Excellence by National of Student Council (NatStuCo). 

“Receiving a National Gold Council of Excellence Award reflects the highest dedication on the part of the school to providing a strong, well-rounded student council program,” said Nara Lee, National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) Director of Student Leadership. “NatStuCo applauds the work of the National Gold Councils of Excellence and challenges them to continue their leadership and service to their schools and communities.”

“I am proud of our work and each member of the student council,” said Chase Darden ’20, ASB President. “Everyone brought their own individual talents and ideas of what it means to be a leader and we were able to combine our efforts and talents to produce high-quality work and be recognized. It is a proud moment for the Chaminade Stucil Family.”

“This is a wonderful honor to receive,” said Julie La Belle Sprouse, Director of Student Activities. “Our student council is 68 strong plus 120 Blue Crew Committee members that truly impact our school community and create a positive culture on campus.  They are so deserving of this award.” 

To meet the requirements for the National Council of Excellence Award, a student council must meet a variety of criteria. In addition to basic requirements such as a written constitution, regular meetings, a democratic election process, the councils have demonstrated successful sponsorship and participation in activities such as leadership development and service to the school and community. Councils awarded the gold level of the award have successfully demonstrated the highest levels of leadership.

National Student Council (NatStuCo) provides and promotes professional development and leadership training to student council advisers who, in turn, teach leadership skills to student council members. NatStuCo is dedicated to preparing and empowering student leaders to better serve their schools and communities.