The Chaminade Film Festival Goes Virtual

On May 15, in the spirit of Adaptation and Change, Chaminade aired its very first virtual Chaminade Film Festival. Although a virtual film festival can never replace the energy and excitement that laughter, cheers, and applauds bring to a live screening, it did allow us to celebrate the work of our talented student filmmakers.  

The 2020 Chaminade Film Festival consisted of 27 films selected for the 2020 Chaminade Film Festival represent sixty students who worked as writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, editors, actors, and crew. All 27 films can be viewed on the Chaminade Film YouTube Channel.

Filmmakers and their families were invited to attend a virtual Awards Ceremony on Saturday, May 16, to recognize the best films in a variety of categories. Awards are an essential part of our celebration, and would not be possible without a panel of industry professionals who serve as judges. This year, we were honored to have Director and Producer Frank Borin, Director Ivanna Borin, Producer Ryland Burn, Director of photography Ava Shorr, and Marketing Executive at Panavision Camera Systems Sean Jenkins. We greatly appreciate the contribution of their time and expertise. 

Mrs. Karen Thumm with Sarah Tang ’20 giving her acceptance speech for the film Enough, which won Best Experimental Film.

Each year one special award is given to a junior(s) who demonstrates outstanding filmmaking skills across various roles (directing, writing, cinematography, editing, etc.) This Year, the Chaminade Filmmaker award goes to Ali Beaudine and Victor Scully.

Congratulations to the 2020 Chaminade Film Festival award winners:

Enough created by Sarah Tang ’20, Alex Torres ’20, and Luca Beninati ’20 

Great Escape created by Parker Bates ’22, Humzah Merchant ’22, and Michael Carpenter ’22 

Sorry created by Amanda Rumack ’22, Peter Michael ’22, Christopher Fase ’22, John Mariano ’22, and Megan McLain ’22

Love Learn Lead, Chaminade 2019 created by Logan Shroyer ’20 and Sarah Tang ’20, with Charlie Van Der Valk ’21, Evan Rosskopf ’21, Ali Beaudine ’21, Emma Carney ’21, Ella Goldthwait ’21, Kyle Lee ’20, Victor Scully ’21, Alexander Kagan ’20, Todd Crabtree ’21, and Gabby Hensley ’20

Super created by Alex Torres ’20, Evan Rosskopf ’21, and Emma Carney ’21. 

Nobody created by Luca Beninati ’20Bella Spagnoli ’20, and Logan Shroyer ’20

Mrs. Karen Thumm with Logan Shroyer ’20 accepting the Best Drama award for the film Nobody.