Studio Art Students Participate in Robert Graham Memorial Art Exhibition

By Charlene Hattier

Six Chaminade College Preparatory studio art students have work on display at the Our Lady of the Angels’ Robert Graham Memorial art exhibition. The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, located in downtown Los Angeles, is a patron of the arts and continues to celebrate the art of growing young artists from 17 Catholic schools each spring. The theme of the exhibition is “Spirituality” and selected students were tasked with creating an art piece inspired by their own spirituality. Participating students, their teachers, and guardians were honored at the opening reception during Sunday Mass on January 21, 2018. Their works were blessed by the priest, and exhibited to hundreds of visitors attending mass and the exhibition. Anyone can still visit the Cathedral and see this remarkable exhibition in person until April 8, 2018.

The participating Chaminade students are Bianca Ryans ’18, Brittany Pakfar ’18, Isabella Boghossian ’20, Caitlin Lynch ’19 and Alexandra Nelson ’18.

Bianca Ryans
Acrylic on Canvas

I rely on my faith in every aspect of my life. When asked how to define my spirituality, all I could think of is how lucky and blessed I am to have a relationship with God to carry me through the tough times in life. I am strong in my spirituality, and it supports me at all times. I strongly believe that God will always provide. I decided to paint an image of my savior; in a way I am honoring and thanking Him for being an important part of my life.


Brittany Pakfar
Being Human
Acrylic and Ink

“Being Human” expresses my deep curiosity for the fate of humans in retrospect of an ironic truth; innovation can lead to the loss of humanity. This piece is a representation of my personal struggle to balance human nature, such as faith, with the addiction of technology, as contrasted by the bleeding hand and the shiny, android arm. Through this relevant and thought-provoking topic, “Being Human” serves as a cautionary piece; never sacrifice humanity for gadgets as real satisfaction is achieved in the arms of those we love.


Isabella Boghossian
A Light in the Darkness
Acrylic on Canvas

I believe that through times of darkness and pain, trusting in God and helping others will shine through the suffering. Love will always triumph hate. The hardest part we must overcome is gaining the courage to spread the love. The halo represents God being my inspiration to become a light in darkness and leading a path for others who have lost their way. The bible verse, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it,” (John 1:5) expresses my belief, that being a light in darkness will light the way for others.


Caitlin Lynch
Acrylic on Canvas

This piece is illustrating my own self, placed within the chaos of the world. I am surrounded by other people’s religions and beliefs. The boat that I presented in the broken light bulb illustrates me peeking through to the open world. My calm thoughts on the flat water in the light bulb pour out into a wild ocean. The chaotic ocean illustrates my thoughts combining with the chaos of the world. My piece is also illustrating how people view my character. People see me as shy initially, but once someone gets to know me more, my true personality is exemplified with depth, like the ocean.


Allie Nelson
The Hands of Life
Acrylic on Canvas

My piece exhibits the cycle of life and how sturdy it may be. There is a balance in between the ways of the world, life and death. The hands represent the foundation and wonder, holding up the elements of life. The flower petals are a symbol for earth, the living, breathing structure that homes us all. In interpretation, my piece could be seen as rebirth or life after death in general. This is an open piece to all beliefs and religions, since we all believe in the peace of life.

Robert Graham Memorial Student Art Exhibit

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angles

On Sunday, March 8, a Mass will be held at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels to celebrate the opening of the 2015 Robert Graham Memorial Student Art Exhibit. Chaminade students Elena Burnett ’16, Taylor Dempsey ’15, Nikki Klein ’16, Aida Lepe ’15, Qianlin “Ava” Li ’17, and Isabelle Najera ’15 will participate in the exhibit.

The exhibit runs from March 8 through May 2. Participants, families, and guests attending the Mass are asked to arrive at 9:30 a.m., and to sit on the north side of cathedral.

Student Art on Display at Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels

By Tracy Lundy

On Sunday, March 23, six artists from Chaminade’s high school celebrated their participation in the Robert Graham Memorial Student Art Exhibit with a special mass at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. Kathleen Brennan ’15, Chloe Cho ’14, Taylor Dempsey ’15, Jacqueline Godin ’14, Victoria Saadi ’15 and Zoe (Jia) Xiong ’16 were blessed and recognized by Cathedral pastor, Msgr. Kevin Kostelnik for their involvement with the program.

The Robert Graham Memorial Student Art Exhibit is a notable citywide exhibit that invites 12 schools throughout the Archdiocese to each submit six pieces of student artwork. Archbishop Jose H. Gomez presided over the Mass for the Robert Graham Memorial Student Art Exhibit to kick-off the program. Msgr. Kevin Kostelnik blessed the students, handed out certificates, and spoke to all 72 artists. Stephen Graham, Robert Graham’s son and Gayle Garner Roski, chairperson of the Committee of Arts at Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral were in attendance.

The annual exhibit is in honor of famed sculptor and artist, Robert Graham who passed away December 2008. Graham designed the figures gracing the entry to the coliseum for the 1984 Olympics held in Los Angeles. He also designed the bronze doors of the Cathedral as well as the statue above the doors of Mary, Our Lady of the Angels.

The exhibit will be on display in the Cathedral galleries until May 2.

Victoria Saadi, Zoe (Jia) Xiang, Chloe Cho, Kathleen Brennan, Taylor Dempsey. Not pictured: Jacqueline Godin.

Pictured left to right: Victoria Saadi, Zoe (Jia) Xiang, Chloe Cho, Kathleen Brennan, Taylor Dempsey. Not pictured: Jacqueline Godin.