Prepared for Life

Sometimes classroom learning is about more than academics. Sometimes it is about preparing students for their future lives in the working world. Aron Gideon’s global economics class does both.

Mr. Gideon’s students learn the theories and styles of leaderships, marketing, and finance; and they prepare for life in the “real world.” They create a portfolio for the end of the semester assessment, which includes career research, a cover letter, resume, thank you note, and interview prep worksheet.

Then, they each take turns interviewing with Mr. Gideon in front of the class for a potential future college or employer. Students find the exercise fun and useful as their teacher-turned-interviewer can be a little unpredictable as an interviewer. His teaching style makes the process entertaining and helps students practice staying professional. About the overall experience, he says, “I have graduates send me testimonials about the value of the activity years after graduation and asking me to resend them the documents we used when they were still at Chaminade.”

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